I’ve never been one much for Non-Fiction, but as I age I find myself seeking better role models and I find this style of book a fantastic source of inspiration and encouragement.

They had me sold when I read it was about a gay guy in his late twenties telling his tales of trials and tribulations as a gay man with Cerebral Palsy. Who doesn’t want to read about the sex life of people like us but different?

The book is the autobiography of a blogger born with Cerebral Palsy and then later in life being hit by a car. I was trepidatious as I started reading the book wondering if it would be all about how much this guy has suffered and how much I should appreciate life but I quickly understood that Ryan O’Connell was not that kind of man.

Ryan’s success is being the same as every other person, he writes that he’s not disabled enough to fit in with the disabled and not normal enough to fit in with the norms, not hot enough to be hot and not ugly enough to be grotesque. I think this feeling of mediocrity is almost universal, especially amongst his target audience(the millennials).

This book was actually really good, I went in with such low expectations and was surprised at how many laugh out loud moments I had, how many emotional moments touched me and how many truths struck home hard.

The only downside about this book was how short it was, I’m sure I’m not alone as I eagerly await the author’s next book.

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