This is Mindy Kaling’s second book. I loved her first book, but then I loved her as Kelly Kapoor in The Office and I love her show the Mindy Project. She’s a successful comedy writer as well as actress so it’s no surprise that this book is hilarious, what is surprising is that this book is also touching, sincere and humanising.

It’s easy to look at Hollywood stars and think how wonderful their lives are and how easy it must all be. While this book is not a story of how difficult Mindy Kaling’s life is it does serve the purpose of educating the public on the hard work that goes into being both an actress and writer.

While the book is mainly targeted at women, Mindy makes reference to the few other people that she assumes will get a hold of her book and makes us feel included and welcome as well.

As a white male born in a first world country my experiences are wildly different to those of Mindy’s and yet instead of alienating the wider audience she seems to strike a chord with almost everyone, giving voice to all those little voices you thought you were alone in hearing.


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