Midnighter is the kind of comic I wished existed when I was a kid. Then growing up I’ve still always had this thought, why aren’t there more gay superheroes. When I found out there was a gay couple in a DC Comic called Storm Watch I went and read as much of it as possible, even in Storm Watch when Midnighter was just a small part of the story, I felt his story stood out.

This year Midnighter has earned his own comic book series, his marriage is over, all affiliations are over and he has a huge undertaking of his own. In amongst all his ultra violent superheroing he makes time for rebound dates and hook ups.

Midnighter isn’t really a good guy, he’s excessively violent, he’s cocky, shallow, and kind of a slut. Despite that he’s still a unique take on both being gay and being a superhero.

A lot of the big comic houses are doing gay characters, where those characters are gay only in passing and any romantic notions are theoretical, intensely monogamous or just a teenage trist. It’s been interesting to the other side of that, a superhero on Grindr, using his superpowers to woo guys and get laid because while I love the idea of advancement of the idea of homosexuality, I still know a tonne of guys who would do exactly the same thing.

I don’t think we’re in for a long run with this, the comic marginalises too many audiences, while I tout the greatness of this comic as much as I can the character is too unknown to be picked up by many of the gay community, and I don’t imagine a huge portion of the straight Storm Watch community being overly interested in this series for long.

Prove me wrong, go to your local comic book store and pick up a copy, subscribe to the series and keep it going. I know I will.

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