I’m not going to lie, I only started reading the Earth 2 series because they made the Green Lantern gay. When we’re first introduced to Alan Scott (rich, cute, philanthropic, heartthrob) he’s really gay, we get a kiss scene and everything (not as sexual as midnighter but definitely more romantic). Alas as far as an awesome gay superhero we were still left wanting more. Once Alan Scott takes up the mantle of Green Lantern he becomes some sort of eunuch far too important to ever think about a relationship or sex with a human being who isn’t his dead lover (spoiler his lover died, it happened like almost straight away this is barely a spoiler because as I mentioned, Alan Scott is a loveless, sexless asexual).

Despite this I quite liked the original Earth 2 ¬†series, I liked Evil Superman (followed by Black Superman), I like Aquawoman and this version of the flash is cool as balls. Which is why I became invested in the characters storylines and followed it through DC’s universe colliding event (Convergence) and began reading Earth 2:Society.

Post Convergence I guess could be called a kick off for new Earth 2 fans, but as the comic stands now I can’t see how ¬†it would garner any. Our team of heroes are on a new planet, filled with their old cities, trying to rebuild a society and fighting off anything that stands in their way.

There’s some sort of greater story arc, but I can’t figure it out. All of our favourite characters are all dead or so changed from their old selves that they’re basically unrecognisable and I can never tell whether the bad guys are good guys or they’re waiting to double cross or triple cross someone.

It’s a clusterbuck basically, I am continuing to stick with this in an effort to hang on to the thought that maybe Alan Scott will one day not be such an aloof douchebag, and that this story will make sense. In the meantime, stick to the original Earth 2 series and skip Society, I’m sure their next jump on point will make more sense.

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